Troubleshooting Your Water Heater: Fix, Call a Technician, or Replace?

You might be hearing noises, or wondering why your water has abnormally low or high pressure. Maybe you’re simply concerned about preventing problems, and want to protect your property and safety. Here are some common issues homeowners face with a water heater in Austin, TX.

You’re Low on Hot Water

Check the pilot light. If it won’t light, a technician might have to replace the thermocouple.

Hard water can also take its toll on a water heater’s ability to produce hot water for an Austin, TX home.

Austin water has a high mineral content. At the bottom of a traditional water tank, deposits accumulate. That makes a heater inefficient.

You’re Hearing a Clanking Noise…

This could be the result of hard water, too. A chronically overworked heater may make a clanging sound.

Should a banging noise stop when you stop running the water, you might need to tighten the pipes attached to your house. Just leave space for pipes to expand and contract as they carry hot or cold water. Are the pipes behind a wall? Tighten them by stuffing foam wherever piping goes in and out of the wall.

If you notice loud knocking only when you shut the water off, the issue could be water hammer. Homes built after 1960 generally have water hammer arrestors. When they fail, a technician must install new ones.

Or the Controls Just Stop Working

Now, the whole heater system needs to be replaced. Consider a tankless water heater when you need a replacement.

Maybe You’ve Found a Leak…

A stressed heating unit will ultimately leak. Granted, some water leaking near the TPR valve is to be expected. This valve should release pressure when the controls fail to stop overheating.

But if your water is overheating, we recommend getting it checked out. The last thing any homeowner needs is a water heater explosion. Do not reach for your duct tape. Never plug the leak!

Or the Water Looks or Smells “Off”

Minerals pressing out of the tank make for cloudy or metallic drinking water. Check your faucet’s aerator screen. There might be mineral deposits to rinse off.

Is Your Water Pressure High?

Your water pressure should be 40 to 80 lbs. psi. Where pressures are higher than 65 psi, Austin requires a pressure regulating valve (PRV) at the connection to the water system. Austin Water provides a PRV Rebate for property owners with water pressure of 80 psi or higher that lack a PRV.

How Can a Tankless Heater Be a Good Investment?

If you decide to replace a water heater in Austin, TX with a tankless heater, you’ll only heat water as you use it. Tankless systems reduce both floor space and electricity use.

Regular maintenance supports any heater’s efficiency. Contact us to schedule service.

Ellis Rose