Preparing for a Life and Health Insurance Exam

Insurance agents who want to have a go at selling life and health insurance must take the life and health insurance exam. The exam contains 150 questions related to the two topics; at least 70% (105) of these questions must be answered correctly within two and a half hours to register as a pass. The questions are framed in three different formats with multiple-choice answers: incomplete sentence, direct question, and “all of the following except…” The scoring rate and number of questions may vary depending on State.

The exam is computerized; candidates get their results immediately after completion, along with a detailed score report showing how they performed on each section. Similar to academic exams, insurance licensing exams have different questions and variations for each test session. Candidates can retake failed exams, but still, have to pay the full exam fee and tackle an entirely different set of test questions.

How to Prepare for a Life and Health Insurance Exam

Every examiner’s goal is to compile an exam that extensively tests the candidates’ comprehension of the subject matter by devising tricky twists and pitfalls in their questions; that can only be answered correctly by keen, knowledgeable candidates. The modern life and health insurance exam is not just a test of memory but also proof of the deeper understanding of insurance regulations that are the key pillars in the insurance trade. A lot of effort and determination goes into passing this exam. If you are thinking of taking this exam, here are a few pointers to guide you in preparation.

  • Find out what is expected

Lookup the exam guidelines that may be unique to your State. They may be fine details and fulfilments necessary before taking the test. Find and review the exam outline to figure out the scope and the weight of each examinable topic. This information will help you structure a time-efficient schedule and set your study priorities.

  • Make a study plan

Organization is crucial to any exam preparation. On average, it should take you about 40 hours to study for the licensing exam. Span the time over a few weeks before the exam date with a few hours of study allocated for each day. Be disciplined and adhere to your schedule. The slow grind is better for memory retention, rather than a rushed, last minute cramming spree. Plus, with a well-distributed calendar, you’ll be able to revise and revisit difficult topics with ample time and avoid panic at the last minute.

  • Familiarize with the test material

You need to get a feel of the question to set a bar and build confidence. There are plenty of resources you can gross over to see what the examiner expects. Prep courses and sample exams are a great way to challenge yourself, familiarize with the content, and test structure. These will also help gauge yourself on how much you’ve learned and what you can expect to score if you are ready. A helping hand from an instructor or a colleague is always welcome at this stage.

  • Review the exam process

Different exam centers have different exam processes. On the exam day, arrive early and find out what is expected beforehand; which documents are required, how is the sitting arrangement, what should I have, and so on. The D-day has to be stress-free. Anxiety and confusion at the exam center can throw you off balance and affect concentration even after vigorous preparation for the test.

Preparation and confidence are key to the success of any exam, and the life and health insurance exam is no different. Set aside sufficient time for study and revision, and build confidence through any available resource. Surely, that should guarantee you a pass.

Danny Watson