keep the intimacy alive in your relationship; here’s how

Most people might not agree with this, but the majority of men has erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. This is a busy world; we are living in. People are in so much rush to make a fortune that often they forget about their health. A lot of work stress and deadline pressure over a long period of time causes most of the men some sexual issues. They usually lose their ability of getting aroused for sexual pleasure.

This majorly has a bad effect on their relationship. And this is where things start getting apart. However, you do not have to be intimidated because of this. With a little bit of exercise and medicinal care, you can easily tackle this problem. Usually, Viagra is prescribed by a physician in such cases. This increases the amount of blood flow in your penis. Thereby enables to maintain an erection during the sexual activities. Exercising and doing yoga also helps a lot as this ensures a proper blood flow throughout the body. This also helps in keeping the body calm and your mind in peace throughout the day.

Some points to know about the usage of Viagra:

  • Viagra elongates the time period of your sexual activity by ensuring an erection during the intercourse. Remember it does not help in getting an erection.
  • To buy Viagra online, you must have a prescription.
  • Generic Viagra is the same as a Branded Viagra. There is no loss of efficacy reported in any of the two.
  • The dosage must be determined by a physician. Overdosage can cause serious health issues.
  • Viagra is not suitable for some persons especially due to their medical condition. It is very crucial to discuss your medical history, if any, to your health professional.

Danny Watson