How to Repair Damaged Hair after Summer

After the holidays, the hair is often dry, forked, brittle, especially those that have been colored or discolored: under the upshot of sunrays, chlorine, sea and sun products, they are faded, they have lost their shine. But the news is that in the fall, we will extend the benefit of the shine of summer, not immediately in the colors of winter. When reflections are naturally highlighted, they must be cultivated. It is important at this time to heal his hair, and cut the damaged tips, even a little, to revamp its vitality.

Important in the Application of the Treatment

Always have two shampoos: one to wash, and one to moisturize. Above all, think of wiping your hair to the towel before applying the care. Otherwise, it will be diluted by excess water. Then let it sit between five minutes, one night and 24 hours! However, the use of minoxidil 5 aids greatly in the achievement of nourished and flourishing hair.

Structure the Cut once the Hair has been Rebooted

Regarding trend, there are no definite cuts. Sometimes, the fringe makes a small return, but one adapts more to the personalities than to the effects of fashion. Talking about colors, we come back this fall to the reflections “sunburn” and more natural. For blondes, we favor more uniform colors. For brunettes, shine by working on the notion of light. Redheads are blazing, the color of which is still relevant in winter. While for them in summer, we will move to a red plus Venetian, a little paler. “

The Specialist

The most common mistake is not to adopt good care to the right hair. Before buying a mask, it is ultimate to seek the opinion of a competent person. A colored hair doesn’t have the same needs as a discolored hair. A scan is not a color, and not everyone is able to differentiate.

Clare Louise