How to Create Beautiful Images for the Web

Have you noticed? We cannot judge a book by its cover, but often it is the cover of a magazine that challenges us and makes us – or not – want to buy it. It’s the same for images on the Net, whether it’s posted on social networks or blog posts.

A ripping image, be it a photo, a computer graphics or a drawing, is little like the icing on the cake of your (fantastic) content. It must make your fans and followers want to go further. Always bring them to come back to your site.

The combination [good graphics + excellent content] is merely a magic formula.

Even though not a graphic designer myself, I know what works from one social network to another. I fumbled, tested, modified my approach to finding the solution, and whatever the target.

Here are tips to ensure your posts and content as engaging as possible with the power of graphic design. You will see, creating beautiful pictures is not that complicated. There are ideas, and then there is a way.

Make it Simple and Not Complicated

To give your graphics content an attractive and professional look, it’s not complicated. First, they must be clear, bright, and simple to read. Avoid dark images, as well as unnecessary details overload.

Take some minutes and check the latest images that you have published. Were they unchallenging to read? Was your message clear? Or should we make a thoughtful effort to understand what you meant?

Pictures to Tell Your Story

The images are of incredible power. They can persuade, motivate, fascinate, captivate. They tell a unique story, offering the viewer a direct reading of your message compellingly and compellingly. Whether humorous or emotional or controversial, the goal is the same.

The Rule of the Unique Idea

Did you know that studies have expressed that in a one-hour speech, an audience can only retain one key point? Regarding graphics design it is related, so limit yourself to a single idea (firm).

What is the information you aim to convey? Say it convincingly. Create a CTA (Call To Action), and talk to your audience.

When you have defined your topic, apply one of the following rules to your post:

  • Offer a solution
  • Bring an answer to a problem
  • Explain a “how to.”
  • Encourage to make some decision
  • Tell a story that you want to share
  • Be inspiring, through positive messages

An image on social media often weighs more than a thousand words. Do not make the mistake of using meaningful photos just for the sake of putting a (beautiful) image in such a place without really exploiting it to the best of its ability.

You can use a software called as Photolemur for enhancing your pictures and give them the best looks.

Danny Watson