How to Buy Best Pearls? A Few Tips

One of the very frequent questions that many of the buyers often ask is which the best pearl that one can buy is. So, in this article we shall try to touch upon few most popular kinds of pearls with few tips about how to choose.

The classic pearl

Any classic round pearl of white colour is most popular picture of pearl, which is draped in long elegant strands, that is either worn as pearl necklaces, earring or any symbolic jewellery piece for any new bride.

These styles are quite fashionable and versatile, available in many wonderful colours, shapes and sizes of pearls that one can buy. Before you make any decision, it is worthwhile to explore more about pearls.

Types of pearls

You can get 4 main varieties of cultured pearls and 3 varieties of saltwater pearls called:

  1. Akoya pearls
  2. South Sea pearls
  3. Tahitian pearls.

Sizes can start from diameter of 1.5mm to 20mm, with either round, drop, oval or any asymmetric baroque shape. Colours can be creamy whites, peach and apricot, pastel pink shade, cooler hues of grey, silver, blue, black and purple.

Best pearl to purchase

If you are looking for best pearl jewellery, then you have to consider the pearl grading and particularly about its lustre, and whether the jewellery design is complementing with your pearl.

  1. Pearl grading

There are many types of grading systems used by the industry that varies between suppliers to supplier. Also, there are many independent organisations that offer their genuine feedback for every purchase, which is used as a marker about its quality. You should however be careful when there is no information available about the pearl and presented to you as AAAA quality.

  1. Importance of lustre

The lustre is a factor used to denote how the pearl reflects light when it falls on its surface. Unlike any other kind of gem, this is the best quality of pearl. Best pearls will have lustre which is sharp like mirror that can catch the light and also the eye.

  1. Beautiful jewellery design

Lastly, you must choose a design which can offer best features about the pearl.

Donnal Tros