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Where do you need video wall solutions?

  1. Security: Vital components that require constant attention are surveillance and security. The building blocks of management are none other than control rooms. When you need to supervise an important task, control rooms are the way to go. Video wall solution comes handy in these situations. Access to minute details and real time information requires advance technology and necessary for control rooms. With video walls continuous vigilance are easy.
  2. Broadcasting: news channels and television productions require uninterrupted service. A blank television screen might annoy the viewers, so continuous broadcasting is very important. Various feeds such as real-time content, images and graphics. Video walls are reliable and flexible solution. Clarity, flexibility, and reliability are inevitable tools in the telecommunication world. Vast amount of information and activity can be displayed on these devices.
  3. Traffic systems: the pacing world requires management systems for transportation. A carefully etched out system is required to manage traffic to keep the roads safe for commuters and pedestrians. The traffic system must be hassle free, economic and low maintenance.

Why should you choose video wall solution?

  1. Superior performance: leading edge technologies, high brightness LED bulbs, longer life and high reliability.
  2. Round the clock reliability: sealed light components help avoid dust collection, thus leading to less maintenance.
  3. Versatile approach: LED display, LCD panels, and customised display are helpful.
  4. Flexible: a customer’s need will be fulfilled with innovations. Customisable displays are one such convenience of video wall without compromise in picture quality.
  5. Ease in maintenance: dust sealed panels can control dust accumulation. This can save lots of maintenance cost. It is a great economic relief.
  6. Longevity: the display technology and LED illumination adds to longer days of service.

Danny Watson